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Making important life decisions boils down to three things –

Your view point 

Your knowledge to back up the intention

and Accountability

Releasing your potential is the first step to finding your path before becoming too exhausted when trying to work it out yourself.

The problem with trying to figure it out yourself is one, you can never truly critique yourself as your goal post constantly changes when the spot light turns your way.

And two when implementing the best version of your decision it is a demanding task.

Just keeping track of everything can be overwhelming and the fine details needed are mostly quite boring, yet we still crack on with it because it’s that itch that keeps needing a scratch.


So how do we track our steps to ensure we are on the right path whilst keeping our self-esteem and let’s face it our sanity?

This my beautiful people is why the Inner-self Alignment Masterplan (IAM) was created.

What the IAM course does basically is track your thought processes, not just your everyday thoughts that you are conscious of but thoughts in your subconscious mind that are playing out the scenarios in your life that often have you wondering why you can’t make the right decision, why you feel lost, fed up and frustrated , making it dilemma.


IAM is developed to declutter the mind debris that sabotages your actions to clear the way for your right decision.



From the moment you start you will be equipped for the navigation process as part of the course includes a


My aim here is to give you the tools you were born with from the onset so as to not leave you wondering where to start.

Here is everything I will be covering at a glance

  1. Introducing you to the truth
  2. Preparing your emotional boundaries
  3. Teaching you about the mind storage filters
  4. Help you to identify your thoughts
  5. Relieving you from the ego that has been happy to take you on the merry go round and preventing you from getting off
  6. Showing you the different outcome process
  7. Identifying your beliefs
  8. Deleting the old mind data and replacing it with the new
  9. Aligning you to the inner-self work you have gone through on the course


Sound like something you've been waiting for?

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